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About Us

Gir Gopal Gau Shala – A Natural and Peaceful Home of Gir Cows

With an aim to enhance the importance of Gir Cow and promote its products for healthy body and mind of people, Gir Gopal Gau Shala is established in Ghandhinagar District of Gujarat state in India.Our Gau Shala is facilitated by combining modern as well as traditional methodology in order to proffer our cows most convenient and natural environment for their best health and growth.

Located near the green city of Gujarat (Dahegam to Rakhial Road), at Gandhinagar, Gir Gopal Gau Shala is founded by Mr. Dhiraj Patel and Mr. Ghansyam Patel. Having years of experience in managing gau shala and in-depth knowledge about original cow breeds as well as maintain them carefully; the founders of this Gau Shala have a great mission with the establishment of their new venture. With know-how about taking efficient care of GIR cow’s breed, they manage all activities of Gaushala very efficiently.

Our Gir Gopal Farm

Nowadays, modernizations of the living style of people and advancement in technology have changed the scenario of traditional Indian life style even though it affects health and mind of people. Even though, cow is known as our mother due to its uncountable advantages, its importance decreases day-by-day. The cow is the only animal on the earth which can help us to survive. With an intense to increase the importance of cow in our life, we have initiated Gir Gopal Farm. To survive the original desi breed cows such as Gir Cows, we make all efforts to increase the population of Original Gir Cows.From medical treatment to pregnancy, we have complete resources to care our animals. We produce cow’s products in a traditional way that includes Gir Cow Milk, Gir Cow Ghee, Gir Cow Urine and Gir Cow Gobar. We also supply best breed Gir Cows.

About Gaushala

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to take efficient care for breeding and nurturing the world’s best breed cow, Gir Cow. As Gir Cow’s milk and ghee become the best for our health as it helps in enhancing our physical and mental growth, we aim to serve the society by increasing the importance of cow in our life. With the unmatched advantage of cows help us to build a healthy society and thus, a healthy nation, we aim to fertile more and more land with cow dung and cow urine which can help farmers to grow quickly, both economically and physically. We also want to give our contribution in making pollution free atmosphere with the help of cow dung and cow urine.

At Gir Gopal Farm, our vision is to enhance our Gau Shala activities in a natural and traditional way with adopting advantage of technologies for excellent care of our cows and make it one of the best Gau Shala in India.

Our Objectives

The Key objective of Gir Gopal Gau Shala is to protect the world’s best breed of cow, Gir Cow and increase its population. Moreover, our aim is to make people aware about the importance of dairy products made from cow’s milk and how it helps to improve our complete physical and mental growth. At our Gau Shala, we proffer our cows’and calves natural atmosphere for their complete growth. To lead the nation towards faster growth, a healthy society makes it possible. With our Gir Cow’s milk, Cow’s Ghee and other products, we aim that more numbers of people gets benefits to make their life healthy.

Benefits of Cow

From ancient time, cow is known as very auspicious animal due to its gamut of benefits. Here, we have mentioned some key benefits of cows in our life.

  • Cow's milk is considered as the best nutritional product as it contains less fat and more energy as well as nutritive values.
  • Cow's Ghee protects us from many small and major diseases as well as helpful in curing many diseases.
  • Cow's dung and cow's urine are helpful to make our surrounding bacteria free. It is more powerful than any mechanical device used for bacteria protection. It is also best fertilizer for farmers.
  • Gir Cow gives more milk production and need very less maintenance.
Gir Cow is known as one of the best cow breed in the world as it comprise an array of advantages, we welcome people who are interested in purchasing Gir Cow products as well as Gir Cow breeds. For more information write us at