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Welcome To Gir Gopal Gaushala

Gir Gopal Gau Shala – An Exceptional farm of Original Breed of Gir Cow & its Products in Gujarat

A Gir Gopal Gau Shala is a well-established natural farm,especially for Gir cows where we look after numbers of cows and maintain them carefully. Our cows are properly looking after by well-trained professionals and are fed with protein and vitamin rich foods essential for their complete growth. We also make regular health checkups of cows to keep them healthy. Our Gaushala is equipped with all essential amenities by comprehending basic necessity of Gir Cows. Our Gir Cow Milk, Gir Cow Ghee and other products are completely produced under the stringent watch to maintain its nutritional value and keep it hygienic.
As we understand the importance of cows in our life and therefore, make all efforts to increase awareness as well as protection of cows. We also guide people to use Cow Milk, Ghee and other products helpful to improve theirhealth and mind.

Our Products


Desi Cow Milk contains more strength to fight against diseases compare to milk of foreign breed cows....Read More


As GIR cow is known as one of the best breed of cows, GIR cow milk is just like nectar. It comprises...Read More


It is known that pure cow ghee has several medicinal uses and gives effective outcomes. In our Gir Gopal...Read More


In Indian Culture, Cow Urine also known as Gomutra is used for body purification. It becomes an effective...Read More

Benefits of GIR COW

  • Cow's milk is considered as the best nutritional product as it contains less fat and more energy as well as nutritive values.
  • Cow's Ghee protects us from many small and major diseases as well as helpful in curing many diseases.
  • Cow's dung and cow's urine are helpful to make our surrounding bacteria free. It is more powerful than any mechanical device used for bacteria protection. It is also best fertilizer for farmers.
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Indian Cows are known for produces nutritious milk, which helps us to protect from several diseases. In India, Gir Cow is popular for its unmatched characteristics and quality. It is considered among the one of the best cow breed famous for its milk producing qualities and heavy build.

Moreover, this breed of cows is known for its tolerance to resist different tropical diseases as well as stress conditions. Its average life span is around 12 to 15 years and gives birth to around 6 to 10 calves. It yields 12-13 liters milk every day with 4.5 % fat content....Read More

Why Gir Cow

When it comes to choosing a cow, selecting the best quality cow breed such as a Gir cow is the right option. There are many reasons that help you to select the right breed. There are several benefits of Gir cow as follows.It becomes the best breed in producing nutritious milk as well as more milk production.....Read More
In India as well as in many Asian countries, Cow is known as a sacred animal. Cow is the only animal on the earth, which is known as mother as she bless people with its most nutritive milk and other products....Read More

Cow Milk

Even though several benefits of cow milk, people in India prefer milk with more fats or made using powder and other additives. From ancient times, cow’s milk is considered best for the good health of people. It contains the nutritive value helpful....Read More